Zaisan Memorial

Zaisan memorial was erected by the Russian’s to commemorate those killed in the second world war between Russia and Germany and Mongolia and Japan and the ensuing peace between these countries. And the unknown soldiers who died during other various wars.

Many Mongolians do not know about the war in Europe and have little understanding of the importance of remembrance day for westerners. The monument is visited regularly throughout the year by worshipping Mongolians and foreigners. The monument is a popular day out during public holidays and the summer months.
The view from the top can be pretty breath taking on a clear day and the sky at night can be quite magical too … if you can see through all the brown stuff.The Memorial stands on a hill overlooking the city and consists of a circular mosaic depicting the armistice between the four countries. The outer skin and the statue are made from high quality Russian concrete, at the foot of the hill there is a very large statue of Buddha popular with worshippers and visitors to the country. There are approximately 187 steps to the top of the monument, which may not seem too great but it’s steeper than it looks, so take some electrolytes with you!


  • Zaisan Memorial

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