Trekking through the steppes

This route will be an opportunity to discover the life of Mongolian nomads. Our hike will take place in the northern part of Mongolia and descend towards to the "Mont Khugnu Khan" and the Mongol Els sand dunes, finally finish the course by the former capital of the empire "Kharkhorin".

Total 8 days are on foot out of 15 and 4 to 6 hours of walking through the steppes in Khangai. 4x4 accompanied hiking whenever possible. The program itinerary is given as indication suggestion. The steps can be changed on site due to weather, safety, organization, flight times or any unexpected event. In these difficult times, the local guide will do anything to mitigate the effects of these events beyond our control.

  1. There are mongolian speaking guides who know the Western culture well and always immersed in the local nomadic life, that can be perfect bridge between the two cultures provided.
  2. The proximity of the nomads in our bivouacs installed near their camps yurts
  3. The visits, -meeting people and sharing their way of life: yak cheese food tasting Ayrak and yak cream
  4. Monastery Amarbaysgalan and Lake Ugii
  5. Erdenezuu Monastry in Kharkhorin




Day 1 and 2:  Fly to Ulaanbaatar.
Flight to Ulaanbaatar with stopover. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Visit the capital's major sites as Gandan Monastery, National History Museum, Bogd Khaan Winter Palace and Zaisan Hill etc. Stay in hotel

Day 3 and 4: Ulaanbaatar - Darkhan-Amarbaysgalant
Departure to the Darkhan city by 4x4, which is the second largest city in Mongolia. The Amarbaysgalant Monastery is situated in a valley near the Selenge River and at the foot of Mount Buren Khan. It is dedicated to the memory of the First Chief of religion Zanabazar an+10d was built between 1727-1736. It is one of the few monasteries from this period still standing. Bivouac.

Day 5 and 6: The volcanic region Jalavch - Urmiin Tsagaan Nuur
Start trekking through nomadic encampments and volcanoes. The Jalavch volcano rises to 1686 m above the sea level and extent of 500 to 600 m in diameter with a depth of 50 m. From day 6, start to trek. 6.5 hours of trekking. Bivouac

Day 7 and 8: The Seruun river - Mount Bulgan - Seer - Orkhon.
Continue to trek through beautiful landscapes to Mount Bulgan. Crossing a small canyon before reaching the river and the village Seer Orkhon. 5-6 hours of trekking per day. Bivouac

Day 9 and 10: Burenkhaan - Ugii Lake
Continue of the hike to Mount Burenkhaan. Transfer to Ugii Lake by 4x4. Continue to trek. In the afternoon, a small 4x4 transfer to join Mongol Els. Meet the nomads. 4 hours of trekking. Bivouac

Day 11: Ugii Lake- Kharkhorin
Head to Kharkhorin city, which is ancient capital of Mongolia during 16th century. Here we can enjoy sight seeing through Erdenezuu monastery. Stay in ger camp

Day 12: Kharkhorin- Gurvan bulag soum 
2.5 hours of trekking provided. 

Day 13 and 14: Gurvan bulag soum- Elsen tasarkhai- Khugnu Khan
Trekking through the dunes along with camels and local guides. New encounters with nomads and visits to their camps yurts. Bivouac on the dunes. 6-7 hours of trekking per day. Bivouac

Day 15: Khugnu Khan - Ulaanbaatar.
Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, rest in hotel. Today is free day for shopping, see the Mongolian traditional performance in the evening while having a dinner with team.

Day 16: Fly back
Fly back to home country.

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