Camelback riding in Gobi

Mongolia is a country that remained deeply rooted in traditional ways of life of pastoral nomadic people. If you want to feel your steps and those of your camel melt in the emptiness of the Gobi sands, if you dream of immersion in the green and blue world of the steppes, where the sky speaks to the soul by its deep ethereal, if you finally want to discover the timeless universe of nomad camps, enjoying a bowl of milk tea or airag at the foot of the yurt, Mongolia is your destination. You will enjoy the sand dune of Khongoriin Els..  5 days are for riding out of 12 days.


Day 1: Flight to Ulaan Baator.  
Fly to UB
Day 2: Ulaanbaatar
Arrive in Ulaan Baatar, and transfer to the hotel. After having some rests, directly visit to Gandan Monastery, Mongolian Historical Museum, Zaisan Hill and Bogd Khan Winter Palace. Stay in hotel.

Day 3: Umnugobi aimag
In the morning flight to Dalanzadgad, capital of South Gobi (Umnugobi) province. 4x4 trip to join Khoolt, where we will meet with camels and camel drivers. Bivouac near the nomad family camp
Day 4:  Mountains of Zuulun
Introducing the camel riding where leaving the group through a small edge to the valley of Gyalaan and Mountains of Zuulungiin. Possibility to see the bighorn sheep (argali), wild goats (yanguir) and hawks.
Day 5: Maraat Wells
On camel or by walk, through the canyon Gylaan, passes, valleys and alpine meadows, crossing the mountain Zöölöngiyn Nuruu which faces the Altayn Nuruu and its "Three Belles" and arrival in the evening to the dunes. We will see the engravings. Bivouac near Maraat wells.
Day 6: Khongoriin Els
The caravan passes by a large and imposing plateau picketed with white yurts, which lies between mountains and sand. Arrive at Khongoriin erg / Uujim where striking contrast between the soft green grass bordering the dunes and the arid environment. Bivouac at Balga.   

Day 7:  Khongoriin Els
Progress on the edge of the Saxaul forest of Dundad Us to bypass the mountain and then, on foot or on the backs of camel get to a river of salt water and its amazing colors. Picnic lunch, then resume the trip to reach the camp at the edge of the Chono Kharaikh, facing the mountains.

Day 8:  Khongoriin Els
Last day of camel riding, walk in the sands and crossing from south to north of the dune Khongoriin. From the top of the bridge, following the course of the river, arrivel in the valley of Ulaan Tsonj and then to Adag Nuur Lake. Across imposing plateau picketed with white yurts, between sand and mountains, arrive in Khongoriin Els. Overnight in ger camp.  

Day 9: Dalanzadgad
Departure to the direction of Dalanzadgad by 4x4, crossing the national park of Yoliin Am which is near the mountain Gobi Gurvan Saikhan (Three Beautiful Mountain of Gobi), walk into the canyon to see birds like bearded vulture, sheeps and ibexes if we are lucky. Bivouac in the mountains of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan or in a tent city near Dalanzadgad
Day 10: Fly to UB
Flight to Ulan Baator. Free in the afternoon in town, shopping for souvenirs or visit of museum. In the evening traditional dances and songs. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 11: In the morning, head to the Monastery of Manzuchir. On the southern slope of Mount Bogd, not far from the city of Zuun Mod, there are the remains of the importance of Manzchir, built in the eighteenth century and remained active until its almost total destruction in 1937. Visit of the temple, the small museum of natural history and hiking in this beautiful "Alpine" site. Back to the ger camp in Mount Bogd which is 6km away from Airport.

Day 12: Flight back

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