Camelback riding in Altai

Total 7 days will be on camelback out of 14 days tour with 4 to 6 hours of riding provided. The following route can proceed in reverse if you wish. The program sequence is given as indication suggestion. The steps can be changed on site due to weather, safety, organization, flight times or any unexpected event. In these difficult times, the local guide will do anything to mitigate the effects of these events beyond our control.

  1. Hotel, yurt, tent
  2. Local guide
  3. Mongolian speaking guides who know Western culture well and always immersed in the local nomadic life
  4. Visiting large areas of the Gobi Altai desert and the valley of dinosaurs, although mythical places
  5. A formula that gives more freedom in the choice of sites to visit and campsites.

Day 1-2: Ulaanbaatar
Fly and arrive in Ulaanbaatar. After transferring to hotel, visit to Mongolian Historical Museum, Monastery of Gandan, Zaisan Hill and Bogd Khan Winter Palace. Hotel

Day 3: Fly to Altai, capital of the province of Gobi Altai.
Departure with 4x4 towards the lake of Ajig where lies the camel guide from Altai after flight.
Discovery of this region, there is rare animals as mountain sheep, wild goat, snow leopard, and among the birds, the bearded vulture and pheasant in Altai and Khasagt Khairkhan mountains, which is 3578 m high. The Khassagt Khairkhan located in the west and southwest of the Gobis of Khuis and Sharga and northeast of the Zavkhan River basin. This will be part of your camel riding area. Arriving late in the day where we meet with the camel driver, his family and the camel team. Night in yurt

Day 4-5: Lake Ereen
Introduction to the camel ride to the beautiful Lake Ereen, located in a Mongol Els, whose sands along the Zavkhan River and extend over 600 km to Khyargas Lake.
Lake Ereen is the subject of a famous Mongolian song, and climb the highest dune to enjoy the view of the entire region and try to do "sing" the descent! During the journey, you can admire the charming little lakes Doroo, Ajig and Budargana. tarted Visit in nomadic family .Bivouac in the sands.

Day 6 : Durvuljin Khairkhan
Camel rides in the Mongol Els sand towards to Sangiyn Dalai, which is the one of the largest salt lakes in the region. Bivouac near the sacred mountain of Durvuljin Khairkhan.

Day 7: Mongol Els
Visit a small temple near the dunes. Achieved by following Sangiin Dalai Lake, south of the sand dunes.
Visit the nomads. Bivouac in the desert at the foot of the largest dune cord Mongol Els

Day 8: Soljir Mountain
Continue the riding where following the Mongol Els sand dunes.  Go through BayanTsakhir Mountains. Bivouac at the Soljir Mountain.

Day 9: Budargana
The oblique route to the northeast to cross the dunes that reaches the Zavkhan River. Bivouac in the sand next to the Budagarna.

Day 10: Ereen Nuur Lake
Reach Lake Ereen Nuur, which is the subject of one of the most famous Mongolian songs, the camel riding most likely on the way. Climb the highest dune. Bivouac near the lake.

Day 11: Altai
Early return to the vehicle that drives back to Ulaanbaatar from the center of Zavkhan region along the eponymous river with a 4x4. Crossing the green area of Mongolia, where you would see the sea buckthorn trees that have a reputation throughout the country. Bivouac in the desert near the capital of the Altai region.

Day 12: Ider River
Continue of the track crossing mountain areas. Go through the Zagastai Nuruu that offers a view of the lake and the steppe Telmen. Then following the Telmen Valley, you pass through the village of Tosontsengel, known as having the coldest winter in Mongolia. Bivouac near the Ider river.

Day 13: Arrival at lake of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur
Drive through the mountainous steppe, finally arrive in the village  of Ikh-Uul. Tsakhir  soum located in the region of Arkhangai where the Solongot mountain passed by. Arrive at Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan, where the opportunity to ride the horse.
Overnight in ger camp.

Day 14: Kharkhorin
Arrive at the monastery Erdenezuu, the former capital of the Mongolia. Stay overnight in ger camp.

Day 15: Ulaanbaatar                                                                                    
Today will be free day for shopping, sight seeing, watch traditional performance and having a dinner with the team. Stay in hotel

Day 16: Fly back
Fly back to home country

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