Travel through steppe with 4x4

Total 15 days trip with 1 to 4 hours of walking plus 4 to 6 hours in a 4x4 minibus per day included. The following route can proceed in reverse if you wish. This program itinerary is given as a suggestion. The steps can be changed on site due to weather, safety, organization, flight times, or any unexpected event. In these difficult times, the local guide will do anything to mitigate the effects of these events beyond our control.

  • All kind of vehicle in your option
  • Hotel, yurt, tent
  • Local guide
  • Mongolian speaking guides who know Western culture well and always immersed in the local nomadic life
  • Visiting large areas of the Gobi desert and the valley of dinosaurs, although mythical places
  • A formula that gives more freedom in the choice of sites to visit and campsites.

Day 1- 2: Fly to Ulaanbaatar 
Fly to Ulaanbaatar with stopover. Arrive in UB. Visit the monastery and museum. 3 to 4 hours of walking through capital.

Day 3: Baga Gazriyn Chuluu
Departure to Baga Gazriyn Chuluu located in the central area of Gobi Desert. This is a stunning granite formation located at the heart of the desert steppe. Visit a ruined monastery built during the 17th century. Bivouac in the Granite Mountains.

Day 4: Tsagaan Suvarga
Visit the ruins of a palace of the 16 - 17th century. Depart to Tsagaan Suvarga. It is a strangely carved limestone and has a history of 10 million years. It measures 30 meters high. Bivouac near Tsagaan Suvarga.

Day 5: Bayanzag, the site of the dinosaurs.
Meeting with nomadic family. On the way to Bayanzag through the village Tsogt-Ovoo, better known under the name of "Dinosaurs cliffs" (1926 m). Overnight in yurt.

Day 6 -7: Gobi Desert.
Southwest trail to the dunes of Hongoriin Els where we will stay for two days. Mounted on the dunes, some of which exceed 200m high. Ability to ride a camel (optional for rent and pay locally . Stay in yurt.

Day 8: Gobi Altai Mountains - Baruun Bayan Ulaan Dunes.
We go to north, across a vast desert. Crossing the mountains called Arts Bogd. Pass through the village Bogd and discovery of Baruun Bayan Ulaan dunes. Bivouac near the village Baruun Bayan.

Day 9: Khangai Mountains.
By 4x4 towards the Khangai mountains in the north area. The desert gives way to the prairie. Pass through the Yamaan Us, interesting training pink granite and reach the village Nariin teel. Bivouac near a hot springs.

Day 10: Solid Crossing.
We go up to the high hills that form the eastern part of the massif of Khangai. Passing through the village Uyanga and visit a nomadic family. Bivouac near Mount Ovt.

Day 11: Arrive on the banks of the Orkhon river.
Passes through the beautiful meadows and beautiful forests, we reach the Orkhon valley which was covered with volcanic lava there are 200 to 300 000 years. Walk near the Orkhon River and its famous fall (20m high). Possibility of horse riding (optional). Bivouac near the Orkhon River.

Day 12 : Monastery Tuvkhun.
Continue drive to Tuvkhun Monastery, and climb to it. Bivouac near the Orkhon River.

Day 13: Kharkhorin - Monastery Erdeneuu.
Track to Kharkhorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia and visit the monastery of Erdenezuu. Continue by road to Khugnu Khan. Overnight in yurt in a tourist camp.

Day 14 : Ulaanbaatar . 
After returning back to UB, we will have free time for shopping, watch traditional performance and having a dinner with team

Day 15: Fly back
Transfer to airport and fly.

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