Manzushir Monastery

The ruin of the monastery is located in Zuunmod Valley, Achit Duinhor spring, 17 km in the south of Tuv province.  The construction of the monastery started in 1733 in the foot of Bogd Khan Mountain. At the end of the 18th century it extended building a main temple. In the 20th century, there were around 500 monks.

Here had many valuable and rare Buddism scriptures. For example Marvelous scripture, which is with golden script on silver, leafs. Now it scripture is saved in Central library of Mongolia.
A new temple has been built next to the ruins of the old temples and serves as a museum with pictures and artifacts from the original monastery. By the time there are also some gers, a restaurant and a natural museum. The surrounding area is perfect for walking in green woods, meadows and clear water mountain streams.

Not far from the monastery, we note the presence of an impressive bronze cauldron, 1726, with inscriptions in ancient Mongolian. The diameter of the pot is 215 cm, depth 140 cm and its capacity of 1800 liters; and it weighs two tons. You could put two oxen or ten sheep; you had to use 4 wooden carts to transport and could thus feed 1000 people.


  • Manzushir Monastery

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