Khongoryn Els

Khongoryn Els are some of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. Khongoriin Els sand dunes stretch for an extraordinary 100km and are 21 kilometers wide and high.

The dunes lie on the northern part of the mountains of Sevree and Zuulun Mountain. Local people call that by Singing Dune because of the sound produced by masses of sand moving in the wind can be heard from afar. That is why the dunes have been given the name ‘The Singing Sands’ or ‘Duut Manhan’. Near the Hongor Gol at the northern edge of the sand dunes is an oasis. The dunes are about 180km from Dalanzadgad. There is no way to get here unless you charter a jeep or are part of a tour. From Khongoryn Els it is possible to follow desert tracks 130km north to Bogd in Uvurkhangai, or 215km northwest to Bayanlig in Bayankhongor. This is a remote and unforgiving area and you shouldn’t undertake either trip without an experienced driver and full stocks of food, water and fuel.



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