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With an area of 1 565 500 km ², Mongolia is a vast country, under populated, embedded between two states of Russia and China. It is economically weakened by the absence of access to the sea.  Most of the country is steppe of Khangai area. The Gobi Desert covers part of the south, while in the north and west, are mountainous regions with abundant forests. The highest peak of the country is Khuiten Orgil at 4374 m. 
The country has an average of 257 days without a cloud and is usually located in the heart of a high pressure system. The extreme south is occupied by the Gobi, some regions receive no rainfall for years. The western part of Mongolia is located in an area of seismic activity. Broadly, the north, near the Russian border, is a region of mountain and taiga. The steppes of the center are large grassy plateaus with few forests. To the south and east, at the borders with China, lies the Gobi desert, a desert of rocks characterized by extreme temperatures in winter and summer. 

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